If your San Jose area home has been damaged by flood or other disasters, you’ll need to clear out cabinets, ceilings, walls, and floors that are beyond repair with professional demolition services by Supraclean Water Damage Specialists. Our disaster cleanup technicians focus on safety and quality workmanship while giving your property the fresh start it needs for repairs to start.

Why Consider Selective Demolition?

After finding mold, sewage, or flooding, your home or business may not be completely destroyed and only damaged in certain areas. Selective demolition focuses on these specific areas rather than tearing down the entire structure.

With careful demo in localized areas, you may preserve items, architectural structures, etc., that have sentimental or visual value to you.

  • Requires less time to demolish.
  • Allows you to begin and finish the restoration faster.
  • Reduces the disruption of the tear-down process.
  • Costs considerably less.
  • Lowers insurance claims costs.

Should You Do Your Own Demolition?

While the idea of taking out your frustrations, hurt, or anger on a few charred walls or water-logged floor joists may sound appealing, the reality is that there are many risks involved. This is especially true in the event of an emergency-related demolition project.

You don’t want to do more harm than good and end up with a bigger mess than you started with, not to mention injuries. Hiring professional demolition services is absolutely the way to go to preserve the integrity of your building and maintain safety throughout the demo process.

We Have The Tools, Time & Expertise

The added benefit of hiring a team of professionals to handle your emergency demolition project is that we already have the equipment we’ll need to manage the project.

  • Dumpsters
  • Demolition Tools
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Safety Gear

All of these tools and equipment are expensive to buy or rent, and have associated safety risks. We can handle your post-disaster demolition quickly, efficiently, and safely, so you can take the next steps to recover and repair.

Demo Site Size Up For Your Safety

Post-disaster demolition requires a lot of accuracy and attention to details that you might not consider or know to check. Our team takes a careful survey of any flood damage. This helps us locate compromised structural materials and mark utility lines.

Careful Demolition – Easier Restoration

After a flood, you may have unsalvageable kitchen cabinets, warped walls, or drooping ceilings that need to be removed before repairs start. Our team will strip away the damage, leaving usable structural elements and supports.

Leave The Demo Clean Up To Us

Starting with an experienced crew will minimize the amount of demolished material that needs to be hauled away. But once we do finish the work, we’ll clean up after ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about dangerous or contaminated material getting in the way of your rebuild.

San Jose Disaster Demolition Services

Don’t leave your demolition needs to just anyone. Rely on the IICRC certified technicians at Supraclean Water Damage Specialists in San Jose, CA. Contact us today to schedule a complete assessment for our residential or commercial demolition services.

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